Nicolae Densușianu

The first inhabitants of Dacia

Fragment from „Prehistoric Dacia” written by Nicolae Densușianu

Dacia presents an extreme antiquity in everything.
When studying the prehistoric times of the countries from the Carpathians and the Lower Danube, an ancient disappeared world, the cradle of the ante-Hellenic civilization, presents itself before our eyes. Behind the populations known in Greco-Roman antiquity under the name of Getae and Dacians, stretches back a long series of several thousand years, a buried history of some great events, whose importance had reached far beyond the horizon of this country, the history of a nation, genial, powerful and glorious, who, long before the Trojan times, had founded the first vast world empire, had founded the first cultural unity in Europe and had at the same time established a basis for the moral and material progress in western Asia and in north Africa.
Dacia, this country miraculously endowed by nature with all the goodness of the climate and soil, the work of remote geological times, had formed the first place perfect for the settling and development of the moral and industrial life of the migratory nations. Dacia, during the history of these dark ages, appears as the first geographical metropolis destined, by its particular position, by the abundance of its population and by the diversity of its riches, to extend during the prehistoric epoch, its ethnic and cultural influence, on one hand towards south, in the Balkan peninsula and beyond the Aegean Sea, and on the other hand towards west, on the great and long communication waterway of the Danube.
The civilizing action exercised by the prehistoric ante-Dacian population from the Carpathians and the Lower Danube, over the ante-Hellenic world, was much greater than we can imagine today, on the basis of fragments of monuments and of historical and folkloric traditions which we have from this extremely remote epoch.
In this regard we are now only at the dawn of prehistoric science [1]. Citeste mai mult

Moștenirea istorică a lui Nicolae Densușianu

densusianuDe obicei, când publicul aude de Nicolae Densușianu, merge cu gândul imediat la lucrarea sa „Dacia preistorică”, lucrare ce a fost considerată extrem de controversată în ultimii 100 de ani, de când a fost publicată. Conținutul acesteia a fost caracterizat ca fiind fabulație și implicit nu poate fi considerat o sursă documentară pentru istoria României. În realitate, Densușianu a petrecut aproape 40 de ani din viața sa ca să documenteze această carte care, în pofida muncii colosale întinsă pe 4 decenii, a rămas neterminată. Citeste mai mult

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