Sectorul frontierei romane din Nord-Vestul Daciei Porolissensis si datele numismatice

Subiect: The Sector of the Roman Frontier from the North-West of Dacia Porolissensis and Numismatic Data The complex functions of this important frontier segment can be explained from a numismatic point of view as well. The method I have used was based on the mapping of the monetary discoveries situated on both sides of limes (until 50 km) between Bologa and Tihau (c. 75 km). The numismatic material has been considered uniformly, being equated in sestertii. The results can be summarized as follows: 1. The regions nearer the limes had the mast numismatic discoveries even before 106 A.D. 2. During the Roman Dacia the monetary discoveries were concentrated behind limes but also in the farthest regions in front of it. 3. The value of the coins near the frontier in higher before 106 A.D. than later. 4. The low value represented by the discoveries from the 5. Between 106 and 275 A. D. the military of this part should have been paid with about free territories near limes points out the existence of a control and supervision zone. 5, OOO, OOO, OOO MS, which are not found in the region. 6. From an archaeological and numismatic point of view one can support the assumption of existence in this region of a tribal frontier. accepted and used by the Romans.

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