Reconstructia unui scut din epoca dacica. Consideratii de ordin istoric, tactic si structural

Subiect: The main objective of this study is presenting the steps for the reconstruction of a shield, used by the Dacian warriors in the timeframe between 2nd century BC and 2nd century AD using methods specific to the experimental archaeology. The initiative was documented for several sources. The main source is from archaeological discoveries at the North of the Danube, for which, all the archaeological documents regarding the subject were studied. The historical les of these pieces of Dacian armoury were completed by consulting all known iconographical sources, such shields being represented on public Roman monuments (Trajan’s Column, Tropaeum Traiani at Adamclisi), objects of Roman or local art objects and coins. Also, analogies from other cultural and geographical spaces contemporary with the subject, were used. The result of the experiment was the creation of different shields, in order to test their endurance, their practical utility and the ghting methods. The reconstruction covered all the components: wooden body, metallic edge, nails, leather and especially the central piece called umbo, and it was manufactured using only tools technically compatible with the Dacian era.

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