Practici funerare la sarmatii de la est de Carpati, rituri si ritualuri funerare (sec. I–III d. Chr.)

Subiect: „The study of mortuary behavior tends to increase in archeology and even to become a field of its own. A close and detailed examination of funerary rites and of their structure is likely to reveal particular social data, possibly religious. Many of the specific details that were used during the funerals have different meanings,“the main elements of the graves’ structurewere the interior and exterior fittings, the treatment and the disposal of the bodies and the funerary offerings”. Based on the considerations mentioned above, the funeralpractices can be divided into two major categories. The first one includes practices in the funeral rites’ area (cremation and inhumation, graves’fittings, the disposal of human corps, subsequent interventions) and the second one relates to the funeral rituals (food offerings, household and multifunctional objects and instruments and weapons). Based on these theoretical concepts, in this article we will try to illustrate a series of religious phenomena that occurred on the territory ofthe eastern Carpathians, during I-III centuries AD, in the era when the great migrations began. In this context we will focus on the Sarmatian civilization.”

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