Observatii si ipoteze privind topografia Drobetei in secolele II-III


Subiect: „Our knowledge of the topography of Roman Drobeta is principally based on the intensive researches in the Roman castrum of Drobeta or in Cetatea Severinului, generally considerated as medieval fortress. Out of these, the discussion about the topography of Drobeta, municipium or colonia romana is more or less an inventory of fortunately discoveries, never registered in an archeological scaled map of the city. For the parts destroyed by modern constructions, is possible to obtain topographical records only from the ancient plans. According with this and the general theory of urban development in the Roman times, we present our hypothesis about the location of the Kardinus Maximus, in the period of second century, as the resuit of the planning of the territory, nearly the Roman camps during the construction of Roman Bridge, and the role of the Decumanus maximus, situated at the north of the Roman camp Drobeta for the Late Roman and post Roman periods.”

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