O reprezentare a lu Iuppiter Dolichenus de la Ilisua


Subiect: A Representation of Iuppiter Dolichenus from Ilisua An interesting bronze statuette representing Iuppiter Dolichenus was discovered in the course of the diggings in the Roman camp at Ilisua (Bistrita-Nasaud district). It has been for a long time considered as being n-Iars, which need a reconsideration. The god represents a high Phrygian cap on his head, wears a tunica with short sleeves, and over it, a military imperial lorica with lambrequins. The lower part of the statuette melted away during a fire in the ancient times. The figure held a bipennis in its right hand and had a fulmen in the left, both of them are lost now. Under the Phrygian cap there is a crown with seven prominences and a little sphere placed between the two of these prominences.

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