Despre Expeditio Burica si prezenta detasamentelor legiunii III Italica in Dacia

Subiect: About the expeditio Burica and the Presence of Detachments of the III Italica Legion in Dacia The paper springs from the problem of inscriptions attesting officers from the legio III Italica in Dacia, whose presence is explained by I. Piso by the so called knock-on effect and dated during the reign of the emperor Caracalla. There are several moments when the legion from Castra Regina may have taken part in the military events near Dacia, one of them being during the time of Commodus, at the end of the Marcomannic Wars, in the context of the expeditio Burica (mentioned in CIL III 5937). Other documents are available, like a papyrus containing a fragment from Acta Senatus (ChLA IV 268) and a fragment from Cassius Dio’s work (Dio LXXII. 3.1) preserved in the Excerpta Ursiniana de legationibus gentium (68). The fragment talks about the peace treaties with the Buri, the neighboring Dacians, and some barbarians called «the others». In Romanian literature, the fragment was erroneously translated and understood, the result being the fact that Buri, a Germanic people inhabiting the region of Barbaricum beyond the Danube, near the province of Pannonia, were perceived as having been present on the North-Western Dacian border, to a depth of forty stades. The new translation shows that «the other» (probably the Vandili) swore to respect the buffer zone of forty stades. To sum up, the presence of legio III Italica near Dacia may have been related to this expeditio, as well as to other moments of conflict. It is not necessary to treat all the epigraphic documents together in order to justify generalizing theories.

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